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Our Beliefs

A personal journey…

19th May 2017

We all have a road to travel. Sometimes it’s straight and narrow, and at other times it winds unexpectedly in many different directions.

My own personal journey has had many twists and turns. It’s taken me towards the bright lights, big cities and some of the empty excesses that can be found there.

And when I needed to break away and return to the safe and simple upbringing I’d enjoyed, my road map was prayer – in fact, one particular prayer that my mother had given me years previously.

Something drove me to return to that prayer and to say it over and over again. In doing so, I found my way back to my old happiness – and also to a brand new joy in the shape of a loving wife and the miracle of a new family.

So I personally know the blessing of prayer. It has worked for me and now I am blessed to be able to celebrate its power through All Embracing where I use the design gifts and talents that He has given me to spread the message of His Love.

Thank you for reading our story.

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Shared in faith, made with love ♥ Mark