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The Truth Is Around Us...

It's All Embracing

The story of All Embracing is the story of a journey through faith and love.

Through life and learning. Through seeking wisdom while sharing simple beauty.

It is a journey towards expressing the ultimate, all embracing message of Jesus Christ. We are a brand with a conscience.

And Clothes Too -

We Mustn't Forget The Clothes!

And yes, of course, our journey is also about clothes.

It’s about our vibrant range of Tees, Polos and Sweat Tops; clothes that celebrate the joy, mystery and compassion that Jesus brings into our daily lives. They look pretty good too.

At All Embracing, our mission is to connect and inspire, to share Christ’s Love and Truth whilst producing quality garments in the most sustainable and ethical ways possible.

Made from organic cotton, our clothes are beautiful to touch and they feel exquisite on your skin. I hope they help to make you feel good on the inside too.

Our Sustainability


We’re all in this together. This world. This life. This ethical journey that we should all embrace.

That’s why we have literally gone to the ends of the earth to research and source our materials.

In the making of our garments, we always endeavour to make as little impact as possible on our precious environment.

We use 100% organic cotton and employ 100% sustainable printing and manufacturing techniques in the production of all our garments.

These are our values. And that is the only way that we work.


& Taste

Most people think of the word ‘Catholic’ as being one of the world’s largest and oldest religions.

But there’s also another meaning to ‘Catholic’ – widespread, popular, varied, and yes, All-Embracing.

Our company name reflects our Catholic essence – to provide a wide range of styles and messages that mirror what being a modern-day Christian is all about.

We are delighted to blend our love of Jesus and our Catholic culture into very visual, moving, thoughtful expressions of our everyday journey. By doing so, we bring the iconic truth of His message into everyday situations.

After all, the world certainly needs to be reminded 
of Truth.

Our story is Love.
Our message is

'The Word'

Look at most modern Tees and it’s plain to see that they serve two purposes – to protect and proclaim.

They protect us from the elements, certainly, and nearly all Tees are used to proclaim millions upon millions of messages, slogans, attitudes and brand view points.

At All Embracing, however, we choose one very simple and universal message – the true Word.

We proclaim the Lord. We humbly and sincerely share the message and love of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

And we express this message in different words, different colours, different styles – yet all the time remaining constant to the single essential truth that our faith is based on: the one universal Love that Jesus has for the world.